FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – A chat with our Co-Founders


Where did the idea come from?

ProPlay is About


What is ProPlay about?

ProPlay is About


Why do you need a sensor? is a smartphone not enough?

We don’t call it a sensor, we call it the “beast”.


Where do I place the “Beast”?

You place the “Beast” on your sports equipment. This can for example be on your snowboard, kite board or surfboard, you simple place it in the middle of your board.


What is the app for then?

ProPlay is About


Is the app for free?

ProPlay is About


Can I use it with my smartphone?

Yes Android and IOS


Do I need to have my phone near me when I use the “beast”?

No, the “Beast” does not need to be anywhere near a phone to record. the “Beast” will work as a stand alone product. Sync your “Beast” when you get back to your phone to see all of the info.


Is the “Beat” waterproof?

Yes, the “Beast” is waterproof to 10 meters. In fact, every “Beast” is tested in a water-pressure chamber to insure it’s a perfect seal.


Can I use the same “Beast” for multiple sports?

In theory yes, the “Beast” is developed extremely versatile. But at the moment it only works for snowboard, due to the connection with the ProPlay application. But in the future when we will support other sports you can just mount it on one of the other sports we will support.


How many sessions can the “Beast” store? 

The “Beast” has 128 mb of storage, that means that the “Beast” can store more than 50 sessions before it runs out of space.


What about the battery Life?

The battery on the “Beast” should last for 16 hours at room temperature. At temperatures below -15 C, you should have 8 hours of battery life due to the cold.


Does the “Beast” have a leash tether that I can use to secure it?

ProPlay is About


When and from where can I buy a ProPlay?

We are in the last faces of the development , and we will be on the market in the end of Q1. If you want to know more follow os on our blog.


What kind of dreams do you have for ProPlay?

ProPlay is About


Any final words?

ProPlay is worlds most versatile self tracking gaming device.


Other questions?

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