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March 15, 2016


What is ProPlay?

We have created a life changing, innovative product that will change the way that people snowboard. By redefining and redesigning the concept of Sports Tracking, we believe we have created the future. ProPlay gives all kinds of customers the ability to track their progress and how well they are performing. We introduce the world’s most versatile self tracking, gaming device.

The core of the business is to enable snowboarders the availability to track their performance, compete against their friends while experiencing real life gaming in the mountain. By implementing gamification ProPlay wants to bring the feeling of console gaming in real life to a reality.

Detailed view of ProPlay

In today’s world there are many products out there you can use to keep track of how well you are performing and progressing while running and bicycling. However, when it comes to actions sports the options are really limited. We believe we can change the way people perform their favorite action sport by helping them keep track of everything they do, how well they do it and how they can improve. As well as motivating them to get better, to be healthier, and socialize with their friends while living their action sport life style.

And that’s exactly what we can change. We allow action sport enthusiast to keep track of their speed, distance, altitude, and elevation, jump height, airtime, acceleration, G-force and trick recognition. However, we do more than just track the users, we motivate them by bringing in the gamification features that allow people to earn different kind of badges based on what they do and unlock achievements.

We make this a reality by introducing ProPlay, a beautifully design and versatile sensor that’s simple to use and user friendly. It has built-in IMU, GPS, pressure sensor and low energy Bluetooth that allows you to connect wirelessly to our ProPlay app that’s stored on your smartphone. Inside the app you can make your own personalized profile where you can display your hard earned badges and achievements. Through the app you can follow your friends, challenge them and clearly see who is better. While riding down the mountain you collect points based on your performance, for example if you perform a 360° you will earn 360 points, giving the user a gaming experience in real life. Our customers will feel the enthusiasm and will always try to improve by collect more points and be the trick master, just like you do on a console. By combining our sensor and smartphone application we have created the most versatile gaming device available.

Our ProPlay sensor is placed in the center of the snowboard, with an enclosed mounting unit. This sensor enables the users to capture high performance data regarding all movements performed during the activity.

Not only can our customers see how they are currently performing, but they can also log into the application on their smartphone and see back in time, see total scores or just the best score, see the total traveled distance and more.

In addition to seeing the tracked data, ProPlay offers the possibility to analyse performance and simplifies it by making illustrations in the form of graphs, tables and lists, which is allowing the users to improve and develop their skills. In short, ProPlay offers a concept that works both as a game and a tool for developing your skills in certain sports.

ProPlay is aiming to inspire and activate people to be more physically active. Since our product is about Real Life Gaming, we believe that ProPlay will motivate people to move away from console games, and be more outside and interact with people and be more social. We are aiming to create Social and Cultural Value; we believe in changing the statuesque and getting people to be more active and still enjoy their favorite sport/game.

ProPlay enables all kind of customers to get inspiring and entertaining content. We believe that increasing our customers’ enjoyment of their action sport enhances the value proposition of capturing and sharing their movements while performing their favorite sport. Before ProPlay, if action sport performers wanted to track, learn, play, compete and increase the enjoyment of their favorite activity, they needed a third person or a lot of expensive equipment. Additionally, capturing high quality of content often requires expensive equipment that is not always accessible for everyone. ProPlay has enabled every action sport performer to self-documentation. Our products’ high-performance features, ease of use and versatility, made available at affordable price points, provide a premium-quality self-capture solution that appeals to both consumers and professionals.


We believe that we created a product; equipment that makes it accessible for every one to capture relevant content and use it for their own favorite action sport, either just to have fun and game, or to analyse weaknesses and strengths, but we do create a product any of our customers would enjoy.




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